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THM Chai Tea Latte!


I LOVE Chai Tea Lattes!   Sometimes when I’m looking for something sweet to eat at night, I can fill myself up with this drink and it will take care of my sweet tooth and my rumbling stomach!  Of course, I usually buy the caffeine free tea, because I usually drink this at night.  We all have brands that we like I’m a bit of a tea snob!  I like my special teas!  I like Twinings Chai as well a Tazo Chai.   Since Chai Tea has become more popular you can pick these up anywhere.  Target usually has the Tazo Brand.  Make sure to get the bags and not the premixed liquid because they add sugar to it.

Also get a lot of my stuff from Thrive Market!  I love them. They have Tazo Chai Tea as well.  There is a small membership fee, but you make it up with your savings within the first couple of orders.  To join click here!

I usually brew about 3 bags of my chai tea in a big mug.  I like my Chai spices strong!  You can also make your own spice blend Aarti Sequeira makes a wickedly awesome blend!  Her recipe is here!  I try to make a blend and keep it in and old spice jar!

After I’ve let that brew for about 10-15 minutes, told you I love it strong!  I’ll put 1 scoop of THM Integral Collagen in it.  Any more seems to give it a bit of an aftertaste.  Then I sweeten it with either Swerve or THM Super Sweet Blend.   Then I put in some unsweetened almond milk and enjoy!!!!   This can be served hot or cold!


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