OnZetra Xsail Review

Unfortunately, I had to try OnZetra Xsail yesterday.  Unfortunate because that meant I had a migraine!   Here is a brief review of it from only 1 usage, please keep that in mind. The packaging was a pain to open but it could have been worse.  It was very easy to use, unlike the Imitrex STATdoseContinue reading “OnZetra Xsail Review”

Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!

As a migraine sufferer, I know that I’m particularly sensitive to light.  Fluorescent lights, LED lights and the sunlight are the main offenders.   I have been able to reduce my pain from getting worse by buying some blue blocking glasses. There are some glasses that are specifically designed for migraines however I have foundContinue reading “Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!”