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Quick Chick Casserole!

When you work, have chronic migraines and a family to feed, sometimes quick dinners are the solution to all problems.  This is a comfort food dinner and it’s super easy to make and you can change it up.  It also makes enough for leftovers for the next night or two!



1 4.5 Qt Pyrex Baking Dish

1 Whole Bag of 1.25 LB- Tyson frozen shredded chicken (thawed in fridge while you are at work!)

1 32 Oz can of cream of chicken soup

Cheese, lots of cheese.   I use Mild Cheddar and Mozzarella.

About two bags of Stove Top Chicken Flavored Stuffing.  (it depends on how much room you have left in the dish.)

1 14.5 Oz of canned carrots

1 stick of butter melted

1 can of Olive Oil Spray

Thaw the chicken in the fridge overnight or while you are at work during the day.  Pre-heat the over to 350 degrees. Take the Olive Oil spray and spray the Pyrex dish on the bottom and especially the sides! Dump the thawed (and already-precooked) chicken in the dish.  Dump the can of cream of chicken soup in over the chicken.  Make sure it’s spread evenly with a spatula.   Throw in the canned carrots and spread them around evenly as you can.  Then add the cheese of your choice make sure it covers the whole dish.   You can use sliced cheese as well.  Then pour the stuffing mix over the top and completely cover the top of the dish.  You may or may not need some of the second bag.   Make sure that you try to spread the seasonings from the stuffing mix evenly over the top.  The seasonings tend to settle at the bottom of the bag.  After that take the melted butter and pour it evenly over the stuffing.  You can always add more butter if you don’t feel it was evenly covered.

Place in the oven for about 30 minutes, until the stuffing is golden brown.   If it’s starting to burn you can take it out a bit sooner.  Everything was already pre-cooked!

This dish pleases even a very picky eater!

Let me know if you enjoyed it, in the comments section!!!


THM Chai Tea Latte!


I LOVE Chai Tea Lattes!   Sometimes when I’m looking for something sweet to eat at night, I can fill myself up with this drink and it will take care of my sweet tooth and my rumbling stomach!  Of course, I usually buy the caffeine free tea, because I usually drink this at night.  We all have brands that we like I’m a bit of a tea snob!  I like my special teas!  I like Twinings Chai as well a Tazo Chai.   Since Chai Tea has become more popular you can pick these up anywhere.  Target usually has the Tazo Brand.  Make sure to get the bags and not the premixed liquid because they add sugar to it.

Also get a lot of my stuff from Thrive Market!  I love them. They have Tazo Chai Tea as well.  There is a small membership fee, but you make it up with your savings within the first couple of orders.  To join click here!

I usually brew about 3 bags of my chai tea in a big mug.  I like my Chai spices strong!  You can also make your own spice blend Aarti Sequeira makes a wickedly awesome blend!  Her recipe is here!  I try to make a blend and keep it in and old spice jar!

After I’ve let that brew for about 10-15 minutes, told you I love it strong!  I’ll put 1 scoop of THM Integral Collagen in it.  Any more seems to give it a bit of an aftertaste.  Then I sweeten it with either Swerve or THM Super Sweet Blend.   Then I put in some unsweetened almond milk and enjoy!!!!   This can be served hot or cold!


THM/Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix



I love hot cocoa in the fall and the winter!  My daughter loves it too!  I make a sugar free version that I pre-mix and always have on hand for us!   I save lots of old glass jars from things I’ve used in the past.  In this case, you can see it’s an old pickle jar!  Recycle and repurpose right! Sorry the picture isn’t better, I need to work on my photography skills!

For this you can use Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa or I like to use Healthworks Cacao Powder Raw Organic.  I also use either Swerve sweetener (I prefer the confectioner’s version b/c it melts nicer and doesn’t leave a gritty feeling) or you can use Trim Healthy Mama’s (THM) Super Sweet Blend Sweetener or THM Gentle Sweet or .  I prefer the Super Sweet Blend b/c my body doesn’t like Xylitol at all!

In my jar I usually put 1 cup of Cocoa, and then 2 cups of either Swerve, THM’s Super Sweet Blend or THM Gentle Sweet.  It depends on what I have on hand.  Now with the Swerve and Gentle Sweet they are finely ground to be like confectioners sugar, so they tend to leave a puff a sweetener in the air!  I have yet to figure out a way to stop this!   Once you have them both in the jar, securely seal the jar and shake.   Now you have instant hot cocoa mix.  Wait about 20 minutes before you open the jar again otherwise another puff of the sugar and now cocoa will coat your counter!

You can put a tablespoon in a mug ,how much you use in your mug, depends on the mug!  You can  make it with almond milk , water or milk but it tastes better with almond milk or milk depending on your audience!

I’m going to be working on a recipe to add THM Integral Collagen to it.  It’s kind of a science experiment to get the right amount without affecting the taste of the final product.






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