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How Chronic Migraines Changed How I Live and Parent

Recently, I got an article published on GrokNation’s site.   Please read all about it here!

Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute

Exciting news for me!  I was recently accepted to become part of a trial for a new medicine and the Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   I will be going there on the 22nd of February for my first evaluation.

If you want to find out or participate in a study go to this page and find out more details and call them!   The more research and treatment options we have the better!!!  Make life better for people with Chronic Migraines!

Since MHNI categorized me as a Chronic patient I am going to be finding out what the process is to receive Botox and get it covered by my insurance.   I will let you know what the process is and give you tips and see if it helps me and let me know if it helps you!

After my last 12-day migraine I’m willing to try anything to ease the pain and regain my life back!

If you suffer from Migraines help yourself while helping others!!!!  VOLUNTEER!!!



Mommy, Mom, Mama, Oh My!

I remember the first time my daughter said, Mama!  I was so excited!   Here is a picture of her saying Mama for the first time!


I couldn’t wait for her to talk and tell me things!  I love talking to her!!!  She’s so amazing!!!   She loves talking! She also loves saying Mom, Mommy, Mama as well as Daddy, Daddy, Dad a LOT!

However, there are days I just feel like this:

Do you ever feel like this?  Clearly, I’m not the only one!

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