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Beckham Tape, Have You Tried This For Migraines?

If you have tried this, let me know if it works!!!!!


You Only Have a Migraine For One Day!


The Sun is Too Loud!!!!


More Yoga Poses to Soothe Headaches


Video on Experience with SPG Nerve Block

I may have to consider this, if the physical therapy I’m doing doesn’t end up working.   Doesn’t look too bad.   I’ve had sinus surgery and this looks way easier than pulling that gauze that was shoved up my nose!

Open Letter To People Without Migraines

I found this very informative and to the point!

Comoribid Conditions

Currently,12743747_686846894752238_6841184575687778769_n I researching information on this with Thyroid disorders and Migraines.  There has been some correlation to my early research!


Migraine VS Headache

Migraine VS Headache

This is so true!

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