Physical Therapy for Migraines

Some of my migraines stem from neck issues.  Specifically between the C1, C2 disks in my neck and the base of my skull.  Poor posture, injury and scar tissue can cause these to cause more tension and pain that radiates into your head.  I’ve started some physical therapy for those headaches/migraines.  I slash headaches/migraines  becauseContinue reading “Physical Therapy for Migraines”

Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!

As a migraine sufferer, I know that I’m particularly sensitive to light.  Fluorescent lights, LED lights and the sunlight are the main offenders.   I have been able to reduce my pain from getting worse by buying some blue blocking glasses. There are some glasses that are specifically designed for migraines however I have foundContinue reading “Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!”