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Excellent article about headaches and migraine frequency not being low enough.  I have about 5-7 migraines a month and about 3 to 4 headaches a week.  Which isn’t enough for most conventional and non-conventional treatments to be given to me.   I only suffer most of the month with either 5-7 migraines and on average 3 headaches (roughly 15-18 a month NOT counting the migraines).  So sorry, out of luck for insurance covering anything else for me!



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Coloring Your Hair and Migraines

If you are like me, and strong smells set off migraines for you then you are probably like me and hate coloring your hair!!!     They all stink something awful!!!!  I was looking for a product that was more natural than what I was using and if at all possible, stink less.  I tried many products that said “low odor”!   I’ll refrain from using some expletives here on what I think about that.

I finally found one that colors my hair with no odor!!!!!   I primarily color my hair to cover my grays now….sadly.  This product I used with no odor covered my grays wonderfully and let me tell you my gray hair is coarse and unruly!

It’s a little more pricey than any old hair color you can pick up at your local store BUT still less expensive than going to a salon and being inundated with a hundred different awful odors!

This new hair color company is called Madison Reed.   When you order your first kit it will look like this:

Madison-Reed-Color-Kit (1)

It comes with the color of course, a shower cap so that you don’t drip it anywhere, TWO sets of gloves one for the application and the second for rinsing it out, a protection cream to put on your face and ears so that you don’t accidentally color your face, and a wipe if you get in on your face anyway!    You also get a trial size shampoo and conditioner.  It comes with detailed instructions and there is an app that you can use to get the best coloring tips.  They also sell other products to help you in between colorings.  Like root cover up and glosses to help revive your color!

The color I used is Lucca Light Brown.  I loved it!  No smell, easy to use and great instructions!   The results speak for themselves:

If you would like to try this hair color, please post in the comments here and I will send you a 15% off coupon!   I only have 5 coupons so first come, first to save!  Please use my link here to purchase it after you receive your coupon!  Madison Reed




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