Physical Therapy for Migraines

Some of my migraines stem from neck issues.  Specifically between the C1, C2 disks in my neck and the base of my skull.  Poor posture, injury and scar tissue can cause these to cause more tension and pain that radiates into your head.  I’ve started some physical therapy for those headaches/migraines.  I slash headaches/migraines  becauseContinue reading “Physical Therapy for Migraines”

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Thyroid Dysfunction and Migraines

Here are some articles saying that thyroid issues CAN also cause migraines.        

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Frequency of Migraines and Headaches

Excellent article about headaches and migraine frequency not being low enough.  I have about 5-7 migraines a month and about 3 to 4 headaches a week.  Which isn’t enough for most conventional and non-conventional treatments to be given to me.   I only suffer most of the month with either 5-7 migraines and on averageContinue reading “Frequency of Migraines and Headaches”

Hormonal Migraines

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Bravelets, Raise Migraine Awareness!