A Lot Like Nutella, But Sugar Free!

So, I LOVE Nutella!!!  What I don’t like is that it has sugar in it.  I cannot keep it in the house because I probably could eat an entire container in one sitting. Around a year ago I bought a “sugar free” version of it.   Xylitol was the primary sweetener and sometimes that canContinue reading “A Lot Like Nutella, But Sugar Free!”

Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Mocha-Coffee

I like to make myself a coffee in the morning that also works as my breakfast.  It’s a mocha coffee drink! Here is the recipe: First I brew a cup of coffee, then in a coffee mug I put two scoops of THM Integral Collagen (a non-dairy protein) I use the same scoop from the THMContinue reading “Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Mocha-Coffee”

THM/Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix

  I love hot cocoa in the fall and the winter!  My daughter loves it too!  I make a sugar free version that I pre-mix and always have on hand for us!   I save lots of old glass jars from things I’ve used in the past.  In this case, you can see it’s anContinue reading “THM/Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix”

Meditation and Migraines

Our office just implemented something new we are trying.  We are having Meditation Works come out weekly for 10 weeks to help us do mindful meditations.  I’ve tried meditating in the past and still try to once a week at home.  However, with a 4 year old it can be difficult to do uninterrupted! MeditationContinue reading “Meditation and Migraines”

Video on Experience with SPG Nerve Block

I may have to consider this, if the physical therapy I’m doing doesn’t end up working.   Doesn’t look too bad.   I’ve had sinus surgery and this looks way easier than pulling that gauze that was shoved up my nose! https://migraine.com/blog/experience-spg-nerve-blocks/