Splenda and Other Artificial Sweetners Migraine Triggers?

I’m a recovering splendholic!  It was my artificial sweetener for years.   I had always heard how bad the “other ones” were so I stayed clear of them due to cancer risks.  However Splenda was “made from sugar so it tastes like sugar,”…or so they want us to believe!  According to Splenda’s own website itContinue reading “Splenda and Other Artificial Sweetners Migraine Triggers?”

Food Triggers and Migraines: What Are Your Food Triggers?

So, as I’m typing this I’m on Day 6 of another migraine attack.  My migraines are always worse in the spring and summer. It’s a bummer because I live in Michigan and these are two of my favorite times of the year.   Today it took the entire two Imitrex, a Benadryl and two cupsContinue reading “Food Triggers and Migraines: What Are Your Food Triggers?”

Coloring Your Hair and Migraines

If you are like me, and strong smells set off migraines for you then you are probably like me and hate coloring your hair!!!     They all stink something awful!!!!  I was looking for a product that was more natural than what I was using and if at all possible, stink less.  I triedContinue reading “Coloring Your Hair and Migraines”

Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!

As a migraine sufferer, I know that I’m particularly sensitive to light.  Fluorescent lights, LED lights and the sunlight are the main offenders.   I have been able to reduce my pain from getting worse by buying some blue blocking glasses. There are some glasses that are specifically designed for migraines however I have foundContinue reading “Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!”