First Botox Treatment as a Preventative

So, on Tuesday my dentist of all people was able to give me Botox for my migraines.   She said that as long as I’ve been diagnosed with migraines my insurance should cover it.   I’ve asked my neurologist and she doesn’t do it.  I asked my dermatologist and she only does it for cosmetic purposes.  I asked the migraine clinic I had been going for a study, but I HAD to become a patient.  They are a 45-minute drive from my house on a good day, I wasn’t that impressed with them to begin with, AND they don’t do emergency shots for when I’ve had a migraine for 5 days!   Rock (ME) Hard Place.

So, it’s day 3 after the shot.  I had a screaming migraine the day after.  Luckily Imitrex helped the pain but I was bedridden all day because of the side effects.   By the end of day two, my eyes felt so heavy it was exhausting to keep them open.  Today, day 3 my right temple feels like it’s being pulled into my ear.  I have a bruise by my right eye and all the injection spots still hurt.   My face hurts, but right now it’s tolerable.

I was told that it would take 2-10 days for any noticeable difference ie, maybe my WTF lines will be gone!  Finally, a side effect I can deal with!  LOL!   So, I’m going to give it the full 10 days to see.  I know many migraine sufferers say it can take several treatments before they notice a difference with their migraines.   So, I’ll keep ya posted!



Published by Amy Ewald

I’m a wife and mother of a 7-year-old daughter. I’ve worked in the IT industry as a Systems Administrator for over 18 years. I experienced my first migraine at age 11. My migraines have progressively grown in frequency after the birth of my daughter. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine. I write to help migraine sufferers, I also enjoy, walking, yoga, writing, reading and spending time with my family. I'm currently writing and illustrating a children's book for parents with migraines to help their children understand the problem and how they can help!

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